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One memorable quote of W. Edwards Deming was “A bad system will beat a good person every time”. This is relevant because most organizations focused primarily on developing people not processes. The stars of these organizations are those who know … Continue reading

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Toyota Production System Quick Review

This article is another prepare for meeting quick read for those young professionals in manufacturing. Not knowing something about the Toyota Production System while working in a manufacturing environment is akin to a baseball player not knowing “the Sultan of … Continue reading

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Profound Knowledge Is a Journey

W. Edwards Deming created a quality concept he referred to as profound knowledge. As a lean practitioner the study of Deming’s Profound Knowledge System is a must. I believe many practitioners are unknowingly retracing this journey.   There are four … Continue reading

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Push Systems Still Have There Place

In the past decade there been a substantial move from push to pull production systems. The standard MRP system is your typical push system. MRP simply explodes your bill of material and provides a time phased material plan. This is … Continue reading

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