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Whisky Maker Fights Counterfeiting With Blockchain Technology

There is yet another company utilizing blockchain technology. This company uses blockchain to fight counterfeiting.Ardnamurchan Distillery a distiller in Scotland in conjunction with technology firm arc-net plans on using blockchain technology to track and authenticate bottles of whiskey throughout the … Continue reading

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Are Executives Getting Fake News Regarding Lean Implementation

  If you been a Lean Practitioner for more than a decade I’m sure you can relate to the post today.   When listening to top executives give presentation regarding continuous improvement I’m always encouraged. They didn’t get where they’re … Continue reading

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One memorable quote of W. Edwards Deming was “A bad system will beat a good person every time”. This is relevant because most organizations focused primarily on developing people not processes. The stars of these organizations are those who know … Continue reading

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Sasquatches, Yetis, Big Foot and Kanban

Have you noticed all the reality shows today in search mythical creatures? You have your Ghosts, Bigfoot’s, and Swamp Monsters of course don’t forget Aliens. Must admit some are entertaining I enjoy a good laugh or scare as well as … Continue reading

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Has your parent company had “The Talk” with you? You know that sometimes awkward talk about Lean Manufacturing principles. Awkward because parent companies themselves have tainted and wasteful pasts and probably isn’t really practicing safe Lean even today. Most companies … Continue reading

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Waiting on Superman is a fascinating documentary critiquing America’s educational system which has become so large and complex that it no longer meets the needs of the end customer, the student. The primary goal of educating our children is lost … Continue reading

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Will ERP Software Systems Ever Evolve?

  After working decades in manufacturing I have had the pleasure to witness so many technological advancements. Precision cutting and measuring by lasers. Digital X-Rays Robotics 3D modeling creating not only solid models but also a hologram. But what about … Continue reading

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Harry’s Law of Inventory Management

Flow down requirements then let God sort it out. That seems to be a common practice in today’s manufacturing environment.   During order entry and subsequent maintenance a trained inventory manager can easily discern rather a customer is simply dumping … Continue reading

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Mobility of Management – Battling Deming’s Fourth Disease

  Dr. Deming spoke of this disease more than 30 years ago. Mobility of management refers to the constant job hopping of management personnel.   Interestingly corporations today not only contribute to this disease but almost encourage it.  Human resource … Continue reading

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10 Tips to Sustain Gemba

As we all know Gemba is the Japanese for “Real Place”.  The purpose of Gemba walks is to take management directly to the area where “value” is created to understand a situation thoroughly. In a restaurant this might be the … Continue reading

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