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The Begin of the End of Performance Reviews Hooray

Finally after decades of use the performance review as we know it is being phased out. The world is finally catching up with W. Edwards Deming who called for the elimination of performance appraisals decades ago! ┬áIn regard to reviews … Continue reading

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Career Paths and Pitfalls In Lean Organizations

The rules for finding a rewarding career are much more nuanced than in the past. There are no longer clear paths to success an advancement. Workplace dedication, keeping your nose to the grind stone and other similar motto’s are outdated … Continue reading

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Do H.R. Departments Create Value in Lean Environments?

The last decade has been a period of incredible change. From the way we listen to music, communicate and transact business. The world is much more connected but much less personal. Watching the transformation of business has been quite fascinating. … Continue reading

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Ever Considered Phasing Out Performance Reviews?

Deming believed that individual performance reviews were devastating to organizations. This was the third of his seven deadly diseases of business. According to Deming performance review especially those with numerical goals. Nourishes short-term performance, annihilates long-term planning, builds fear, demolishes … Continue reading

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