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One memorable quote of W. Edwards Deming was “A bad system will beat a good person every time”. This is relevant because most organizations focused primarily on developing people not processes. The stars of these organizations are those who know … Continue reading

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SCRUM – Has Your Time Come?

Scrum “The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time” is a book written by Jeff Sutherland Co-Creator of the Scrum methodology. The word scrum is from rugby you know when players form up with arms interlocked and … Continue reading

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Lean Tools 101 – Run Chart

During our lean journey we oftentimes become overwhelmed with the jargon, anecdotes and theories. In our rush to out “Toyota” one another some of the foundational tools are lost in the process or simply taught in passing. I’ve seen leaders … Continue reading

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The Reverse B.S. Principle and Lean

While reading blogs I came across one that continually comes to mind in my lean journey. The post was entitled the “Reverse [B.S]. Principle” Written by Elsiem see excerpt below.   The Reverse [B.S.] Principle “The reverse [B.S] principle holds … Continue reading

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Is TPS Evolving?

I read an article recently that piques my interest. In a March 15th article entitled “What after lean?”  Abe Eshkenazi Chief Operating Officer of APICS discussed what could be some important changes soon at Toyota. These changes could expand Toyota’s … Continue reading

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Is your Lean Champion a Lean Soldier?

For any implementation to be successful it must be driven from the top. I know this isn’t a profound statement and quite obvious, after all it’s written in every modern day leadership manual. But think back to your lean implementation … Continue reading

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