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Sasquatches, Yetis, Big Foot and Kanban

Have you noticed all the reality shows today in search mythical creatures? You have your Ghosts, Bigfoot’s, and Swamp Monsters of course don’t forget Aliens. Must admit some are entertaining I enjoy a good laugh or scare as well as … Continue reading

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SCRUM – Has Your Time Come?

Scrum “The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time” is a book written by Jeff Sutherland Co-Creator of the Scrum methodology. The word scrum is from rugby you know when players form up with arms interlocked and … Continue reading

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5 Real World Tips to Reduce MRP Nervousness

Do these terms sound familiar, expedite, and defer, damper and cancel? If so you’re most likely a Material Planner or Master Scheduler. If that is the case you’re well aware of the nervousness of MRP systems. Most of the time … Continue reading

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Lean Manufacturing And The Milgram Experiment

During your Lean journey is becomes easy to become discourage and frustrated. The more you become familiar with the tools and philosophies more you become aware of all the conflicting practices within organizations. Those practices produce many conflicting goal which … Continue reading

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Additive Manufacturing: A Game Changer

Throughout the decades I’ve been fortunate enough to witness the evolution manufacturing. I’m sure most of you old time I mean seasoned professionals remember the cam controlled chucking lathes. Cutting those cams to make the tool cut a certain path … Continue reading

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Develop, Manage and Motivate Beyond the Measurements

Hearing the phrase “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’ always gives me a reason for pause. Too often it’s the beginning of MBC (Management By Charts) which many employees are accustomed. Lean practitioners everywhere will tell you … Continue reading

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Save Your Sanity with PFEP

PFEP simply stands for Plan For Every Part. A simple material control concept from the past resurrected and touted as a new transformative process. PFEP simply stands for Plan For Every Part . Material Control professionals first thought after introduction … Continue reading

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Waiting on Superman is a fascinating documentary critiquing America’s educational system which has become so large and complex that it no longer meets the needs of the end customer, the student. The primary goal of educating our children is lost … Continue reading

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Throughout my lean journey I noticed that practically every organizations mission can be summed up with an age old timeless sentence or variant thereof. “ABC organization will provide a product or service that meets the needs of our customers while … Continue reading

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Is TPS Evolving?

I read an article recently that piques my interest. In a March 15th article entitled “What after lean?”  Abe Eshkenazi Chief Operating Officer of APICS discussed what could be some important changes soon at Toyota. These changes could expand Toyota’s … Continue reading

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