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The Reverse B.S. Principle and Lean

While reading blogs I came across one that continually comes to mind in my lean journey. The post was entitled the “Reverse [B.S]. Principle” Written by Elsiem see excerpt below.   The Reverse [B.S.] Principle “The reverse [B.S] principle holds … Continue reading

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Will ERP Software Systems Ever Evolve?

  After working decades in manufacturing I have had the pleasure to witness so many technological advancements. Precision cutting and measuring by lasers. Digital X-Rays Robotics 3D modeling creating not only solid models but also a hologram. But what about … Continue reading

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What is the Difference between Rework v Repair?

There is much discussion and confusion regarding the difference between rework and repair in a manufacturing environment. This is due to so many industry specifications.   These specifications are rarely written in simple English and are full of jargon and … Continue reading

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Human Designed ERP Systems – Fantasy?

While watching 60 minutes this week there was a segment that caught my attention. It was about IDEO incorporated. IDEO incorporates human design into business. Founder and CEO David Kelly have created thousands of breakthrough inventions. One of the more … Continue reading

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Toyota Production System Quick Review

This article is another prepare for meeting quick read for those young professionals in manufacturing. Not knowing something about the Toyota Production System while working in a manufacturing environment is akin to a baseball player not knowing “the Sultan of … Continue reading

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Is your Lean Champion a Lean Soldier?

For any implementation to be successful it must be driven from the top. I know this isn’t a profound statement and quite obvious, after all it’s written in every modern day leadership manual. But think back to your lean implementation … Continue reading

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Planning for Manufacturing Rework

In complex manufacturing rework is simply a part of doing business. Rework for this discussing is simply reprocessing of a part or service due a non-conformance.   If you’re student of lean you surely understand this is simply a waste … Continue reading

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Harry’s Law of Inventory Management

Flow down requirements then let God sort it out. That seems to be a common practice in today’s manufacturing environment.   During order entry and subsequent maintenance a trained inventory manager can easily discern rather a customer is simply dumping … Continue reading

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10 Tips to Sustain Gemba

As we all know Gemba is the Japanese for “Real Place”.  The purpose of Gemba walks is to take management directly to the area where “value” is created to understand a situation thoroughly. In a restaurant this might be the … Continue reading

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Reality Distortion Field Theory and Lean

While watching a special on Steve Jobs the founder of Apple I stumbled across the phrase Reality Distortion Field (RDF). I heard a little of this before on Star Trek and reading Dilbert but didn’t realize it went mainstream. Then … Continue reading

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