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Personalized Business Approach, Still a Win!

With the world seemingly being taken over by large impersonal conglomerates, one swallowing up another, it’s nice to know that there are still down to earth companies and CEOs out there.   A great example is Michael Thorn.  No, you’ve never … Continue reading

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Book Discussion – Fast Forward Leadership

Most Lean Practitioners have a full library books, periodicals and professional publications. After a while they all melt together in the same old themes simply regurgitated with keywords of the moment. I decided to look over my bookshelf and discuss … Continue reading

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Develop, Manage and Motivate Beyond the Measurements

Hearing the phrase “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’ always gives me a reason for pause. Too often it’s the beginning of MBC (Management By Charts) which many employees are accustomed. Lean practitioners everywhere will tell you … Continue reading

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Tribal Knowledge in Lean Manufacturing

During your usual lean implementation meetings there is a reference to “Tribal Knowledge”. Typically it’s presented with a somewhat negative connotation. General speaking tribal knowledge is defined as “collective wisdom of an organization past down from one employee to another”. … Continue reading

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Is your Lean Champion a Lean Soldier?

For any implementation to be successful it must be driven from the top. I know this isn’t a profound statement and quite obvious, after all it’s written in every modern day leadership manual. But think back to your lean implementation … Continue reading

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After The Kaikaku

The big Kaikaku event is finally over, the smoke has cleared and the dust has settled. The armies of building contractors along with their heavy equipment have vanished as swiftly as they appeared. Also absent are the great gurus and … Continue reading

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Don’t bring up a problem unless you can offer a solution – NOT

There is a business edict that has always troubled me as a manager. It was “don’t bring up a problem unless you can offer a solution”.  I hope lean practitioners don’t subscribe to this tenet. How many problems are not … Continue reading

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Push Systems Still Have There Place

In the past decade there been a substantial move from push to pull production systems. The standard MRP system is your typical push system. MRP simply explodes your bill of material and provides a time phased material plan. This is … Continue reading

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Lean Leadership Authentic and Bold

The term leadership has always intrigued me. The term is so nuanced. Organizations can appoint leaders but true leadership must be earned. Every organization has both formal and informal leaders. A formal leader has the power but the informal leaders … Continue reading

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