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Will ERP Software Systems Ever Evolve?

  After working decades in manufacturing I have had the pleasure to witness so many technological advancements. Precision cutting and measuring by lasers. Digital X-Rays Robotics 3D modeling creating not only solid models but also a hologram. But what about … Continue reading

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Explain it with IQR !

Are you constantly tasked to reduce inventory? Having difficulty explaining proper inventory levels to higher ups that only see dollars? Is it to the point whereas you’re reducing the good inventory along with the bad? It’s time to adopt Inventory … Continue reading

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IQR – Powerful Inventory Reduction Tool

Have you discovered IQR! IQR stands for Inventory Quality Ratio.  This is a very powerful and effective tool for inventory valuation, reduction and review. This is how it works. Divide your inventory into four quality categories. Active– Items with future … Continue reading

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