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The Promise of ERP

By Guest Contributor Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software implementation is a business trend that show no signs of stopping, albeit growing at a slower pace than in the past.  For many growing businesses ERP seems like the ‘obvious’ solution to … Continue reading

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What Every Supply Chain Graduate Should Know

Congratulation you just received your degree in supply chain management. You have chosen a rewarding, challenging and oftentimes frustrating profession. The business schools do an excellent job teaching the theory of supply chain management but it never comes close to … Continue reading

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5 Real World Tips to Reduce MRP Nervousness

Do these terms sound familiar, expedite, and defer, damper and cancel? If so you’re most likely a Material Planner or Master Scheduler. If that is the case you’re well aware of the nervousness of MRP systems. Most of the time … Continue reading

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Human Designed ERP Systems – Fantasy?

While watching 60 minutes this week there was a segment that caught my attention. It was about IDEO incorporated. IDEO incorporates human design into business. Founder and CEO David Kelly have created thousands of breakthrough inventions. One of the more … Continue reading

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Excess Inventory Drivers

Recently decided to add category named inventory drivers. This will contain issues opportunities of inventory management from a tactical perspective. All too often we overlook the simple drivers to excess inventory while we search for complex global solutions. Why is … Continue reading

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Master Scheduling in a Lean World

Every significantly sized organization utilizes some form of MPS (master production schedule). You know the schedule practically everyone ignores while working on hot and ship lists. When was the last time shop Foreman called and said “what’s due on master … Continue reading

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Push Systems Still Have There Place

In the past decade there been a substantial move from push to pull production systems. The standard MRP system is your typical push system. MRP simply explodes your bill of material and provides a time phased material plan. This is … Continue reading

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