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Theory of Constraints – Revisited

In 1984 Eliyahu M. Goldratt wrote a book entitled “The Goal” which is geared to help organizations achieve goal of continuously improving linkage and flow of manufacturing operations. This methodology would ultimately be coined the Theory of Constraints (TOC).  It’s … Continue reading

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15 Lean Lessons Learned

Going through an old notebook I came across some answers of a question presented at a professional development gathering. The question was “What lessons have you learned from lean events and other continuous improvement activities?” This was a few years … Continue reading

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One memorable quote of W. Edwards Deming was “A bad system will beat a good person every time”. This is relevant because most organizations focused primarily on developing people not processes. The stars of these organizations are those who know … Continue reading

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Has your parent company had “The Talk” with you? You know that sometimes awkward talk about Lean Manufacturing principles. Awkward because parent companies themselves have tainted and wasteful pasts and probably isn’t really practicing safe Lean even today. Most companies … Continue reading

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Deming’s Principles of Training and Leadership

  Today let’s have a short discussion on training and leadership as it pertains to the W. Edwards Deming training and leadership model. The aim of leadership is simply to improve the performance of man and machine. If done correctly … Continue reading

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Lean Manufacturing And The Milgram Experiment

During your Lean journey is becomes easy to become discourage and frustrated. The more you become familiar with the tools and philosophies more you become aware of all the conflicting practices within organizations. Those practices produce many conflicting goal which … Continue reading

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Lean Kryptonite – Running To The Numbers

From my perspective the largest cause of failure for lean initiatives is continuing to run the company by the numbers. You know the month, quarter and year end projections. I recognize to remain in business companies must have goals, objective … Continue reading

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Edwards Deming Emphasis on Short Term Profits

Edwards Deming expressed that the emphasis on short-term profits was definitely detrimental to organizations.  This was Deming’s second of the seven deadly diseases that plague companies.  Deming in my opinion is the Nostradamus of western business.  Deming wrote “Pursuit of … Continue reading

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Mobility of Management – Battling Deming’s Fourth Disease

  Dr. Deming spoke of this disease more than 30 years ago. Mobility of management refers to the constant job hopping of management personnel.   Interestingly corporations today not only contribute to this disease but almost encourage it.  Human resource … Continue reading

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Excessive Medical Costs and Deming Revisited

With the United States ranking only 37th in the world in healthcare it’s once again time to revisit Deming’s deadly disease number six, excessive medical costs. The good news is there have been steps to remedy the situation with the … Continue reading

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