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LeanPlanet.orgThis blog discusses the business practice of leadership and continuous improvement. The views are from the perspective of front line practitioners. You know the Expediters, Customer Service Representatives; Mail Clerks, Welders, Purchasing Agents and First Line Supervisors just to mention a few. You know the positions that must remained functional through all the failed quality programs and lean experiments.

Most written commentary is from the perspective of the academic or consultants whom are more than an arm’s length away from the real-time, issues, actions and problems of everyday business. One thing to critique a problem another to own it!

Sadly business practices of today too often contradict the rules of Deming. W. Edwards Deming writings in my opinion are the holy grail of quality. No one has even come close in my opinion.

Continuous improvement is more than a business ethos but a personal one. If you’re true Lean Practitioner it becomes impossible to leave the teachings and philosophies at work. At a business level it’s about efficiencies and profit. On a personal level it’s about remaining relevant and fulfilled. I’m interested in both.

There are many great examples of organizations that have made tremendous gains bridging the gap between theories an application. To find those organization don’t rely on information from their newsletters or press release, practically every organization believes they’re successfully on the road to lean. Want to know the truth ask the workers directly.
This blog will discuss continuous improvement from perspective of both the individual and the corporation. You should never clock out of continuous improvement.

As time passes so does technology and of course business  practices. Since mid 2017 there has been much interest (at least on my part) in the internet of things, block chain technology and additive manufacturing. Hopefully you will find this a place to begin your Lean Journey into these subjects.

If you have an original article to share on this subject please submit it. We’re always looking for good content to further the reader’s personal growth.


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