Sasquatches, Yetis, Big Foot and Kanban

Have you noticed all the reality shows today in search mythical creatures? You have your Ghosts, Bigfoot’s, and Swamp Monsters of course don’t forget Aliens. Must admit some are entertaining I enjoy a good laugh or scare as well as the next guy but come on its entertainment first and foremost.

Whenever I watch these programs one thought keeps jumping into my mind. This reminds me of so many continuous improvement programs I’ve witnessed. Let me explain.

The narratives of these reality programs have slowly evolved. What once was a journey to prove the creature exists evolved into a hunt for a real creature!

For example a Bigfoot “expert” was interviewing a witness about a possible sighting. The so called expert had doubts about the validity of the claims because it didn’t follow a normal Bigfoot behavior. What? How can creature a mythical creature have behavioral attributes? That’s fine its television but the experts speak with the authority and gravitas that some viewers accept as fact. Now we see folks with big guns stumbling through fields and forests making elaborate traps trying to capture or kill a monster they have yet to prove exists! This is surely an accident waiting to happen.

Does this sound like a continuous improvement activity you’ve participated in? Whereas Bigfoot is one piece flow, zero defects, perfect inventory levels and 100 percent on time delivery. The consultants tell us the only place this beast can exist is Toyota. Everyone then tried to become Toyota to lure the beast out only to sadly discover it was never there.

Continuous Improvement is about getting better every day and knowing perfection in production just like Bigfoot doesn’t exist. Like the Bigfoot reality shows organizations have moved from the search for perfections to believing it really exists!

This belief will have organizations stumbling blindly through the forests spending money and setting traps to catch a creature that isn’t real. Each lean event like each TV episode will end with an empty trap with all the experts pointing to evidence that your almost there, just missed it.

Instead you should make incremental changes of improvement which is real. Remember you don’t have to be perfect just better than your competition.


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