The Reverse B.S. Principle and Lean

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While reading blogs I came across one that continually comes to mind in my lean journey. The post was entitled the “Reverse [B.S]. Principle” Written by Elsiem see excerpt below.


The Reverse [B.S.] Principle

“The reverse [B.S] principle holds that if, when the sentiments contained in a given statement are reversed, the statement becomes ridiculous, then it wasn’t worth making to begin with.

For example, this sentence, taken from a different job advert:

In addition, the applicant must want to be a contributor on a team that strives for excellence and continuous improvement on a daily basis.

Could, when subjected to the reverse bullshit principle, be rewritten thus:

In addition, the applicant must want to be a contributor on a team that strives for mediocrity and sporadic improvement on an infrequent basis.

As the example illustrates, if the opposite of what you’re saying is clearly ridiculous, then what you’re saying should – well, it should go without saying.

The use of the reverse [B.S.] principle makes it easier to work out when someone is spouting nonsense for the sake of making a noise, rather than because they have anything worth saying. It is useful in all walks of life, but writers in particular should take careful note of it. ”

Has your organization ever asked you to remember or have ability recite a quality policy or company vision? How important was this really in shaping the actions of your daily work? Which bullet points would pass the reverse [B.S] principle? Try it you’ll find it amusing.

In your lean journey remember this principle and take a moment to smile whenever it can be applied. Also before your presentations don’t forget to add this prefix “This goes without saying” …

…. our goal is …

  • 100 percent on time delivery
  • Zero Defects
  • Strive to be Industry leader ….

Never can tell if there just might be a lean soldier in the audience smiling at you!

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  1. Thank You for sharing this are right that In day to day life also we want the Improvement in qualty.The Lean,Kaizen is that Technique that which helps you for Continuous Improvement that can Produce World Class Manufacturing Product.

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