Illinois Plan to Use Blockchain to Digitize Birth Certificates

The state of Illinois announced a pilot program that would use Blockchain technology to digitize birth certificates. The purpose is to allow government and businesses the ability to verify and authenticate a citizen’s identity by requesting encrypted access to verifiable files.


Data would be stored in a tamper proof ledger similar to cyber currencies such as bitcoin use. The ledger would include information date of birth, blood type or any other related information. Data could only be accessed by those that possess the crypto key that would unlock the file.

In the pilot program, the partners will develop and test Blockchain technology that will enable parents and doctors who are present during the time of birth to officially log or register the birth on a permissioned Blockchain. The tools being tested were based on the work done by a task force within the World Wide Web Consortium

Blockchain technology is coming to a business near you soon. This technology has proven itself robust and secure enough to transfer currency. Here are just a few other uses concert tickets, land titles, voting, vehicle registrations and material certifications.

Through Blockchain technology much waste (middlemen) is removed from the process making it faster and less expensive than traditional methods. We lean practitioners should really appreciate that!

I will monitor and report back on the Illinois birth certificate project.

One company wants to sell concerts tickets using Blockchain technology. I’m really excited about that because there no reason to pay an extra $10-$15 for privilege of online ticketing.

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