Personalized Business Approach, Still a Win!

With the world seemingly being taken over by large impersonal conglomerates, one swallowing up another, it’s nice to know that there are still down to earth companies and CEOs out there.   A great example is Michael Thorn.  No, you’ve never heard of him and he does not appear on CNN or Fox, but he’s a nice and very busy guy.

For 40+ years Micheal Thorn has been a hands on businessman.  Michael has always believed in the personal touch and his hands on approach to the many businesses he has invested in means he is constantly involved in daily operations.

In his 40-year career, Micheal has spent the majority, 25 years, working in operating manufacturing companies.  His experience in this sector is highly adaptable to other industries.  In 15 years he has locked in 20 acquisitions for several companies and handled all financial matters for the company transactions, while still maintaining in touch with the employees.  To him all his employees are more than just numbers, they are an integral part of each business and he treats them as such.  He believes that taking a personalized approach to his employees, allows them to take a personalized approach to their customers.

The success of his companies such as LockDSolid, which supplies school lockers and secure storage solution for schools and government agencies around the world, is just one of many high growth companies he has championed.  One of his defining characteristics is his ability to lead and help new businesses succeed.  He has been involved in 6 start-ups in various roles from investor and advisor, to manager or President.  In all cases he starts with learning the industry from the ground up and makes sure his team is right there with him learning.  Michael believes that continuous improvement, on both a personal and professional level, as well as working closely with his team, are the keys to success.

He is not only devoted to his multiple business investments but to his family as well.  Describing himself as a family man, he has always taught his children the importance of listening and learning from those with more experience and knowledge.  He believes there is no shame in letting someone else show you how it’s done.  Happily this close personal approach has also lead them into working together in some of his businesses.

So, yes it’s true, you don’t have to be a cut throat giant to succeed in today’s business world!


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